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katesp [userpic]
by katesp (katesp)
at November 8th, 2006 (10:29 pm)
Current Fluff:: Walking With a Ghost - Tegan and Sara

Turning a New Leaf(2/?)
Pairing: M/R.
Rating: R.
Summary: Mark learns things aren’t always as easy as they seem – the hard way.
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katesp [userpic]
by katesp (katesp)
at November 5th, 2006 (09:51 pm)

Turning a New Leaf(1/?)
Pairing: M/R.
Rating: R.
Summary: In which Roger gets off smack, and is taught some very important life lessons by one Mark Cohen.
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by tolavieboheme (tolavieboheme)
at November 5th, 2006 (08:55 pm)

Title: If Only He Went to the Laundromat
Author: tolavieboheme
Pairing: Mark/Roger friendship-ish?
Word Count: 995.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Fluff.
Summary: Mark takes Roger’s shirt without permission. Tickling ensues.
Notes: Yeah, so, this isn’t supposed to be well-written. I apologize that it lacks in an actual plot. It’s all just mindless fluff.
Warnings: Language.
Disclaimer: These characters aren’t mine, ev’rbods.

“Yeah. I’m running out of clothes and you’re not going to go to the Laundromat another week.”

My kids go to Hogwarts [userpic]
Dedicated to lizzilupin
by My kids go to Hogwarts (singingchipmunk)
at October 19th, 2006 (10:50 pm)

current location: home
Fluffy Mood:: Chill
Current Fluff:: Futurama on tv

Title: Please Forgive Me
Author: singingchipmunk
Rating: G It's all sweet fluff. XD
Disclaimer: I wish I owned these two boys. My life would be so much better. XD
Summary: Roger sings to Mark.
Notes: I wrote this a while back, but ffn took it off cuz it's songfic. It's a sweet song written by Bryan Adams (and I claim nothing of this song). The song is the same as the title, and you can click on it to DL it. It's REALLY pretty. You should DL it. XDDD

Please Forgive MeCollapse )

by tolavieboheme (tolavieboheme)
at October 18th, 2006 (11:14 am)

 "Fags" Series
by tolavieboheme
Hey everyone... if I still have anyone following this story... hey, I'm sorry for not updating in a few months. I got very side-tracked. I rewrote the first two chapters and wrote a third one just for you. Please excuse any grammar in the third one... I can't find a beta at this hour and I wanted to post it. So, if anyone's still interested, please read!

Pairing: Mark/Roger
Warnings: Homosexuality, teenagers, violence, language.
Disclaimer: I don't own Mark or Roger or RENT.

Chapter One
Rating: PG
Summary: Roger get the shit kicked out of him and who better to come to the rescue than the brave little Mark Cohen himself?

Chapter Two
Rating: PG
Summary: Roger and Mark meet again, going back to Roger's place to get to know each other a little better.

Chapter Three
Rating: PG
Summary: Mark meets Roger's mom and then him and Roger get into a one-sided tickle fight.

suburban_boho [userpic]
hi and first fic
by suburban_boho (suburban_boho)
at October 4th, 2006 (10:48 pm)

I don't normally write fluff. I like to read fluff and I think Mark and Roger would be so cute together. so yeah, um, hi.

and here is my first attempt at fluff

Title: Sauce Wars

Rating" Pg- I think I use like one or two cuss words

Disclaimer- Just borrowing, don't own them- heck, I don't even own using pizza sauce as a way to kiss somebody- i borrowed that from a friend of mine.

warnings- um, well, it's kind of clichéd at points- but I really just wanted to try fluff.

Again, I don't write fluff much, at all. I write drama/general/angst-y pieces.
new waters for me. so that being said

feedback: pretty please

Neither boy could look at pizza sauce the same wayCollapse )

Nikki [userpic]
by Nikki (empress_nikki)
at September 19th, 2006 (08:04 pm)

I'm new here and I just found the thing new members were asked to fill out, so...

Name: Nikki G
Location: teeny town, Indiana, 'bout 45 minutes from Chicago
Favorite Show: Grey's Anatomy
Favorite Song: Ah, there's so many! Right now, Seventeen Ain't So Sweet by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and anything by The Fray
Favorite Book: another hard one... The Last Book in the Universe, by Rodman Philbrick
Favorite M/R Pair: I like fluffy, but not uber fluffy fluff, high school is a personal favorite, as well as established relationship fics... I pretty much like anything that isn't one-sided, really angsty, or character deaths
Contributing Fics?: I might. I've never done RENT fiction before, but I have done a lot of fan fiction, most of which is slash.

So... I guess that's me!

Aarin [userpic]
by Aarin (freak_thankyou)
at September 5th, 2006 (09:44 pm)

Title: Crash and Burn
Rating: G
Pairing: Mark/Roger
Summary: Mark has closed off. Roger tries to help him.
Warning: I put in song lyrics if that bugs anyone.
Notes: Written for silverotter's request
Disclaimer: I don't own Rent or the song Crash and Burn. I'm just borrrowing them for fun.

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The Kat Beast [userpic]
by The Kat Beast (the_bothererer)
at August 16th, 2006 (04:27 pm)

You're mod has been very very very very bad

I'm sorry guys! I somehow thought the community had died, when in fact


I love you guys, thanks for writing thanks for reviewing. I swear I'll get back into that. I haven't read juch more than my biology textbook lately. LOL! Anyways, if anyone is up for some kind on contest I'd be happy to hold one with Mark prizes.

Once again, thanks for keeping this place alive cause hell if your mods are doing it *sheepish grin*

p.s. PIMP US YO'! lol

My kids go to Hogwarts [userpic]
by My kids go to Hogwarts (singingchipmunk)
at August 14th, 2006 (12:56 pm)

current location: home
Fluffy Mood:: content
Current Fluff:: Bold and the Beautiful on tv

Title: A New Beginning To An Old Favourite
Author: singingchipmunk
Rating: PG
Characters: Mark, Roger, Mimi
Pairings: Roger/Mimi, Roger/Mark
Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. But I have put a LOT of thought into them.
Summary: Roger realizes his feelings aren't his imagination.
Notes: Dedicated to aretheresheep and teh_dale for their help, and inspiration. And Mark for being my muse. XD Also dedicated to lizzilupin cuz it's way overdue. XD

A New Beginning... Mark was always the strong oneCollapse )

Please read and review. I'm sensitive, so be nice...? XDD Love to all!

X-posted personal journal, inapropothought, scarf_fetish, _rentfic, feel_the_fluff (Kat said I could post this here. XD Hope you guys like it.)

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