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ragazzabella22 [userpic]
Far Away
by ragazzabella22 (ragazzabella22)
at August 13th, 2006 (12:24 pm)

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Title: Far Away
Author: Ragazzabella22
Feedback: Would be amazing!
Pairing: Mark/Roger
Word Count: 1369
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Drama
Summary: Roger leaves with his band, but writes Mark a song while he is gone.
Notes: This came to me the other day while I was listening to this song on the radio
Special Thanks: Everyone who reads my stories
Spoilers: No
Warnings: Slight Cussing
Disclaimer: I don’t own Rent it belongs to the wonderful Jonathan Larson and I don’t own the song either that belongs to Nickelback

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Grace's Notes  ♪ [userpic]
by Grace's Notes ♪ (sweetestg_bye)
at August 3rd, 2006 (11:09 pm)
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Title: Her Name Was April
Author: Grace/sweetestg_bye
Feedback: is like Rita's. Greatly wanted and apperciated.
Pairing: Roger/April, if you squint really hard some Mark/Roger.
Word Count: 888
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: Mark finds April on that fateful night.
Notes: Written half at class and half at work.
Special Thanks: to my co-workers for reading after I finished typing it up the first time!
Spoilers: Death. *omgnogasp!*
Warnings: Suicide.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Unfortunatly.

“Oh…God…Roger,” Mark gasped.Collapse )

ragazzabella22 [userpic]
Sweet Dreams
by ragazzabella22 (ragazzabella22)
at July 20th, 2006 (03:13 pm)

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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Ragazzabella22
Feedback: Pretty Please
Pairing: Mark/Roger of course and Mimi and Angel stop by
Word Count: 645
Rating: Pg
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Mark and Roger decide to just cuddle instead of go to the Life.
Notes: Yeah this is really just pointless fluff that I decided to write because I was in the mood to have Mark and Roger just cuddling.
Special Thanks: None
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Boys kissing
Disclaimer: Its all the beautiful creation of the wonderful Jonathan Larson!

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Grace's Notes  ♪ [userpic]
by Grace's Notes ♪ (sweetestg_bye)
at July 10th, 2006 (12:12 am)
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Current Fluff:: RENT OBC - Seasons of Love

Title: Crash and Burn
Author: Grace/sweetestg_bye
Feedback: is like sexy pictures of Anthony. Greatly wanted so review away!
Pairing: Mark/Roger
Word Count: 1057
Rating: PG ish
Genre: General/Angsty/Romance
Summary: Roger writes a new song, Mark hears it before it's ready. What will happen between the roommates?
Notes: Attempt to fill what silverotter gave as her latest challenge in fuckingartists. All I can say is that I tried.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, unfortunatly.

Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heartCollapse )

Grace's Notes  ♪ [userpic]
by Grace's Notes ♪ (sweetestg_bye)
at July 7th, 2006 (11:53 pm)
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Title: His Camera
Author: Grace/sweetestg_bye
Feedback: is like ice cream; wanted greatly and makes me feel great!
Pairing: Mark/Roger, Maureen, Collins
Word Count: 1115
Rating: PG - 13 (to be on the safe side although it's pretty tame.)
Genre: General/Angsty/Romance
Summary: Maureen does the unthinkable, Mark is devestated, and Roger tries to make everything better. Collins' makes a brief apperance.
Notes: Writeen while fuming over my own beloved camera which a certain "friend" broke.
Special Thanks: to masqueradestar for giving it a once over and to xhopexfadesx for encouraging me to get this one off the paper towel and onto the computer.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: The boys tend to have potty mouths. *gasp*
Disclaimer: I own nothing, unfortunatly.

“What am I going to do with you,” he muttered to himself as he picked up the pieces.Collapse )

Libby [userpic]
New Story: Opposites
by Libby (phoenixprincess)
at July 7th, 2006 (02:40 pm)
Fluffy Mood:: accomplished

Title : Opposites
Author : Libby AKA phoenixprincess
Feedback : would be much appreciated thanks!
Pairing : Mark/Roger
Word Count : 1,244
Rating : ummm…PG maybe for boy kissing
Genre : romance, general
Summary : Roger and Mark are as different as day and night
Notes : I know what your thinking. “Holy shit she’s writing again.” Hehe maybe yes maybe no. This story came to me while I was sunbathing and it wouldn’t go away. It’s dedicated to varymydays for all the love she threw at me last night when I needed it the most. Also to the sun…without it I wouldn’t have thought of the first paragraph which led to the second…third and whole story.
x-posted all over the place.
Disclaimer : Do not own rent or any of its characters, I just like to play with them.

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The Kat Beast [userpic]
by The Kat Beast (the_bothererer)
at May 18th, 2006 (01:52 pm)

Okay, long time no stories! Where is everyone!?!?!? So, in due to lack of stories we are holding a contest! What kind of contest you ask? It's highschool M/R of course! Must be one chapter, etc, etc Winner gets a banner and a custom icon made my muah! (me) so get to writing and never let feel_the_fluff die!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!! (elventy)

Grace's Notes  ♪ [userpic]
by Grace's Notes ♪ (sweetestg_bye)
at May 15th, 2006 (09:52 pm)

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Current Fluff:: Adam Pascal - Model Prisoner

Title: His Eyes
Author: Grace / sweetestg_bye
Feedback: is love. I'll give you cookies if you do.
Pairing: Mark/Roger
Word Count: 356
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance - ish
Summary: Someone falls in love.
Disclaimer: Jonathan’s characters my imagination.
Warnings: None
Notes: My goings on at school inspire me too much. Damn spring concert.

Can you begin to tell her all of the things she wants to hear?Collapse )

by tolavieboheme (tolavieboheme)
at May 14th, 2006 (12:36 pm)

Title: Best friends and Boyfriends
Author: Christine ([Bad username: tolavieboheme])
Pairing: Mark/Roger
Word Count: 1,180
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Teen!Mark/Roger. Roger’s going to fail junior year. Mark gets upset.
Warnings: Language?
Disclaimer: I don’t own these lovely little teenaged angstballs.
P.S. Thanks to otakuoverlorde to beta-ing.


x-posted everywhere ever

The Kat Beast [userpic]
by The Kat Beast (the_bothererer)
at April 26th, 2006 (04:09 pm)

Title: Partners
Author: Kat/ the_bothererer
Pairings: Mark and Roger
Spoilers: Sorry, I'm not nice enough to post the spoilers
Type of fic: highschool!
Summary: When Roger zones, he gets paired with Mark for a school project. But when he beats him up later, Roger assess his feelings for '4-eyes'
MUCH RANDOM HOBO LOVE to my beta moowithme1989 for putting up with me crappy work!!!!!!!!!!!


'Partners' was getting really hard to do. I had made five rewrites on the latest chapter (I think only 3 made it to the beta stage) so I began to write this as an acomp. chapter. But, Gina showed me this is the direction 'Partners' needed to go in. So my little side chapter is the new story. The main plot of my orignal story will still be told through Mark and Roger's deleveries. I promise. So enjoy your crack
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